Exciting preparations.

I am a very lucky girl after a rather successful season working the Grater St Louis Renfair I found out about a steampunk convention in the planning stages. http://rose-society.org/index.html I am makeing several one of a kind pieces using altered found clothing and trims. Come out and see me so I can take pictures of everyone's cool outfits since I will be stuck at a table most of the time.

So far this is the true masterpiece of what I have completed but there will be much more to come. The bolero is still very much a work in process as I am sure you can tell from the pins in it.

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New mediums and telling stories.

So reading Othar's twitter made me think of the potential of it for telling bite sized stories that build over time. I decided to try it myself. I must say it is really more of a challenge than I would of thought and has me looking at word usage in a different light. Here is what I have so far.

So far it has drunkenness, The tooth fairy and pirates.

The wonders of woking in a cosume shop part 1

I work at a small costume shop in a college town and most of the time everything is cool but every so often we fall in the twilight zone and get some very odd people here is the first in a series of them.

Whispering clown woman
It was a average slow summer morning at the shop I was working on a pile of repairs. A woman comes in and asks in a tiny whisper about our clown costumes. Now we do get people in who act like picking out a costume is something dirty or to be ashamed of I don't understand why but I help them cheerfully just the same.

So I show her what we have in stock and she picks a few things and all the wile she is asking me all most inaudible questions. "Is this good for a clown? Is this clown-like? Are you sure this is for a clown? will this make a good clown?"

She repeats these questions for every clown related thing on the rack. Finally after trying everything in the section on she narrows it down to two outfits. She spends the next hour trying them on over and over again wile waffling between them. Every time I try to answer the phone or get back to patching things she comes and stands near me starring until I am done and then starts her litany of questions over again.

Unable to decided between them she comes over to the wigs and repeats these questions "Is this good for a clown? Is this clown-like? Are you sure this is for a clown? will this make a good clown?" for almost every female wig we have in stock last time I counted there were about 30 to 35 of them. Then she wanders off to obsessively try on the same two outfits again and I put all the wigs back in their places. She comes back and tries them all on again wile switching outfits between wigs.

By the time she is done she has spent almost three hours of my four hour shift repeating the same questions over and over in a tiny voice I have to straining my ears to understand and clinging to me like a leach. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see some one leave.

I make stuff.

Yes it is true I like to keep my hands busy. It keeps me from becoming a vigilante and slapping people who drive like morons. I make things I like, things that are lovely and odd. I combine things that should not go together like squids and dress clothing. I experiment with dyes, paints and trim, because sometimes you have to get messy to find a solution. I make things I like with no other purpose than to give me something neat and I think that is a good thing.
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